Brenda Butikofer

Hello, my name is Brenda Butikofer. I'm an administrator in education and I live in Southeast Idaho. I support Attorney General Lawrence Wasden. I actually have known Attorney General Wasden my entire life.
Lawrence, you see, is my big brother. And I understand behind the scenes how dedicated he is to the state of Idaho, how willing he is to sacrifice to preserve Idaho's conservative values.
He has shown courage by bringing the federal government to the table and making them stick to the agreement made in 1995 to clean up the nuclear waste that has been stored above our aquifer.
He has gone up against the federal government to preserve our medical freedom to choose versus a federal vaccine mandate. And my brother has compassion and has really taken to task big Pharma. He advocated for those suffering from addiction due to big pharmaceutical companies greed. My brother cannot be bought.
Vote experience, vote integrity, vote wisdom.
Join me in voting for Lawrence Wasden, Attorney General, May 17.