Canyon County Lincoln Days

Thank you. My name is Lawrence Wasden, and I am the Attorney General. I want to introduce my wife Tracey. She said, don't waste your time. She's right there, there she is.

The rule of law is the center of this campaign. You've heard a number of things said tonight. Why didn't Idaho join the Texas lawsuit? I will tell you why I did not join.

How many of you believe that California should control Idaho? The lawsuit was not Texas versus the federal government. It was Texas versus another state. It was undermining the sovereignty of the elections of that state. If Texas can sue Pennsylvania, then California can sue us.

Nearly alone, I am the guy who stood up for Idaho sovereignty. That's why we didn't join the Texas lawsuit.

The rule of law. The legislature passes a statute. The Constitution and the laws provide the Attorney General with his duties. The legislature says you, Attorney General, represent the Governor. You represent the legislature. If they ask you, you represent the agencies of state government. Yes. State government. That's what the law says.

I don't get to ignore that. I don't get to shy away from it and go do something else. I don't get to forget it. My job, my sworn duty, is to represent the state government. I'm their lawyer. I don't make the decisions for them. I advise them, and then I represent them in court. Precisely the way you and I work together, Governor. I advise. He chooses. I litigate. That's how it works.

Suing the federal government is not just a slogan to me. I actually sued the Biden administration. We went to the United States Supreme Court. That's the reason that the OSHA mandate is no longer. The Governor and I worked together. Those are not just words. That's actually what I do.

I brought in $44 million to the state last year. That's more than we were appropriated. We returned $1.66 for every dollar we were appropriated. I brought in $7 million for Idaho consumers. I brought in $22 million from tobacco companies. I brought in $120 million for Idaho state government, local governments, and regional governments on three opioid settlements. I brought in $15.3 million for Medicaid recovery.

I'm the guy who's done the job. I ask you for your vote. Thank you very much.