I want you to know that in my seven years, you've had quite a fighter in Lawrence - Doug Peterson

Hi, I'm Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson. I'm here to support my friend Lawrence Wasden in his race for Attorney General in Idaho. Lawrence and I have had a chance to work together for seven years. When I first came into office, one of the issues was the Obama administration overreaching and trying to utilize authority that, frankly, the executive branch or the federal government didn't have. We work closely in the Waters of the US case, which was a classic case of a federal agency.
The EPA trying to overextend his story against the interests of the state. Also worked with Lawrence recently when the Biden administration tried to implement the OSHA mandates on Vaccination and also the CMS case. So we've worked together on some really important matters where we've tried to push back the overreach of federal authorities. But I've appreciated about Lawrence is Lawrence is always very thoughtful about every decision we make. Sometimes we as AGS under time urgency, rush into matters that have not really been thought out. And I appreciate that about Lawrence because Lawrence always thinks carefully about how he will be engaged as Attorney General and we've worked on some really important matters, as I've mentioned.
So, state of Idaho. I want you to know that in my seven years, you've had quite a fighter in Lawrence was and I think Lawrence can bring a lot of experience and a lot of insight to all the AG's that are part of the Republican Attorney General Association as we fight these battles. So, Lawrence, wish you the best and thanks. Thank you for your service.

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