Kim Keller casts his vote for Lawrence Wasden

I'm up here in the mountains of the great state of Idaho, making a video for my friend Lawrence Wasden. When he and I are up here hunting or riding our side by side, we talk a lot about the greatnest of Idaho and its sovereignty and how important it is to protect what we love so much about it. When I hire a lawyer for my personal business, I always make sure I hire someone who's going to tell it to me straight, who's going to let me know that if I try to do something that's a little off base, it's going to cost me extra money, or it might be a mistake that I wish I hadn't gotten into. And that's why Lawrence Wasden is the best candidate for Attorney General for the State of Idaho. He's going to call it like he sees it. If there's something that's going to get the state in trouble or cost us money, he's going to warn us about that and make the right educated legal decision based on our Constitution. And also it's going to make sure he protects the sovereignty of our state and the freedoms that we want to enjoy here. That's why I cast my vote for Lawrence Wasden, Attorney General of Idaho.