Wasden does his job

By Mary Ollie Bonners Ferry

The other day I received a very large campaign mailer asking “Where’s Wasden”?

I was a bit confused because Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has been in his office working for Idahoans.

After a closer look, I realized this very expensive looking mailer was from a group with a Fairfax, Va., address.

An even closer look revealed that this outside group was trying to stir up trouble by suggesting that Wasden did not participate in some legal activities. This group made it seem like that was a bad thing. The facts speak otherwise.

Wasden was smart to not participate as it would have put Idaho taxpayers on the hook for legal fees defending the indefensible.

So, where is Wasden?

Attorney General Wasden is here doing his job. He has worked hard to promote and educate government officials, media and citizens about Idaho’s Open Meeting Law and Public Records Law.

He has recovered millions of dollars for Idahoans by going after scammers and fraudsters.

He participated in the nationwide opioid settlement. He is working with the Federal Communications Commission to investigate robocalls.

He stands for the rule of law even when that means saying “no” to some of Idaho’s politicians.

This brings me to where I am going to be on May 17.

I’ll be in the voting booth voting for Lawrence Wasden. I hope you will do the same.